Heath & Lineback merges with BCC Engineering

Company Culture


Culture at H&L has evolved and been ‘baked-in’ to our DNA over 25 years of respecting our clients, our profession, and each other.

  • We work hard and play hard
  • We are passionate in support of clients and their projects
  • We understand that, every day, we must serve as teachers and as students to better grow our combined capability
  • We care about our community and our profession, and we are anxious to invest our energy, time, knowledge, and money as evidence of that caring

Our outreach to MUST Ministries spearheaded by our annual fundraising golf tournament, the time that staff spends working with K-12 and college students, our broad visibility and commitment to the various professional societies, and our internal social and recreational activities are all evidence of that culture.


The Heath & Lineback Philosophy

“The philosophy at H&L is to realize the vision, meet the mission and ensure profitability of our company by building our business on a core belief in ethical practices enhanced by a policy of education and support for our staff.

Our philosophy fosters a foundation of professional pride in what we do, and what we do is controlled by a structured Quality Engineering Method.

The realization of this philosophy is growth of our company and, ultimately, the profitability needed to ensure our success.”

John A. Heath, P.E.

Standard Of Care

Our commitment to our clients is to provide

Cost Effective Service

We hire, groom, and develop our staff to provide a broad based staffing resource. We match the ideally qualified staff member to a project, asuring the work is completed effeciently.


We understand our strengths and we provide service within those strengths.


Our firm has designed major, complex transportation projects and our senior staff has worldwide experience. Our younger staff, therefore, is exposed early on to a wide variety of project types and challenges.


Mature individuals – a mature firm. Since 1994, we’ve built a team that offers a great knowledge base and hands-on, experienced sounding board.


Quality is the delivery of service in accordance with the expectation of our client. We provide in-budget and on-schedule delivery of a product that is accurate, economincal, safe, well documented, and professionally presented.

Open Communication

We communicate clearly, concisely, and often, with a strong management team and principals who remain visible and accessible to our clients.


Our approach to project management is both nimble and flexible, with a staff that responds immediately to client or project needs.

Professional Pride

Professional pride pervades all we do. It is our responsibility to unburden our client by taking ownership of the challenges of each project.


Our promise is a personal and corporate commitment to ethical behavior, honesty, impartiality, and sincerity.

Technical Expertise

Practical common sense • Perceptive eye for sound engineering
Simplicity of solution • Innovation when appropiate
Value Engineering to find the best solution.

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