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Follow Me Multi-Use Trail & Pedestrian Overpass at Victory Drive

The Follow Me Multi-Use Trail is a pedestrian facility along an old, abandoned railroad line (formerly known as the Fort Benning Railroad) that runs from Fort Benning Army Base, north of the National Infantry Museum, to Cusseta Road near the Joy Road intersection.  The railroad corridor was wide, varying from 140 to 200 feet wide and allowing for many enhancement opportunities near neighborhoods and activity centers.  The corridor creates a linear greenway park that invites bicyclists, runners, walkers, and outdoor enthusiasts.  The trail currently links seven schools, a park, restaurants, residential areas, and various community organizations.  This trail will one day link with the Riverwalk and Columbus' overall trail network.  The project included a bridge to carry the trail over Victory Drive.  The overpass involves a prefabricated steel truss bridge, retaining walls, and approach trail on both sides.  

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